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How much is it? There are two options:

1. FAST PATH – if you know your business and you just need a “vehicle” to start it quickly in Poland – We can use the S24 procedure with a standardized company agreement (that can be changed in the future) –the total cost is: PLN 1350,00 (or EUR 310,00 or USD 360,00) – which consists of: PLN 350,00 for KRS (National Register Court), PLN 25,00 for PCC (a tax from the minimal capital) and my fee for carrying out the S24 procedure which is PLN 500,00 (including taxes); the cost does not include translations.

2. PRECISE PATH – if you want to start your business in Poland and you need help in organising it – We can prepare for you an individual offer consisting of items presented below;

What can I do for you as a part of the “precise path”:

1) ANALYSIS OF THE NEEDS – analysis of the business concept [może conjuncture zamiast concept], the competition and other important data – cost: from PLN 300,00 (or EUR 70,00 or USD 75,00).

2) BUSINESS MODEL – a preparation of the Business Model Canvas for your company – cost: from PLN 500,00 (or EUR 120,00 or USD 130,00).

3) CORPORATE GOVERNANCE – a definition of  the rules existing in the company, the relationships between the shareholders, the principles of representation and supervision; a designation of the competence of the board (operational and / or strategic management); analysis of the tax consequences (both in terms of corporate income tax (CIT) and personal taxes paid by shareholders (PIT) – i.e. „the problem of the double taxation”) – cost: from PLN 300,00 (or EUR 70,00 or USD 75,00).

4) COMPANY AGREEMENT – a service based on items from nr 1) to 3), presented above, with translations –  cost: from PLN 2500,00 (or EUR 600,00 or USD 650,00).

5) NOTARY – a company agreement has to be signed in the notary office with presence of a Sworn Translator – cost: from PLN 2000,00 (or EUR 480,00 or USD 520,00).

6) NATIONAL REGISTER COURT FORMALITIES – cost: from PLN 300,00 (or EUR 70,00 or USD 75,00).

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